Surface treatment of
cruise ferry

“Quality of surface treatment was in line with expectations. The amount of work turned out to be larger than we predicted but FSP was able to answer to this challenge.” -STX Finland Oy

FSP was main surface treatment partner in MS Oslofjord cruise ferry’s renewal project. Before serving as a night ship, the ferry was now converted into dayship and aim was to increase its passenger capacity as well as expand the service offering. Conversion was very extensive and demanding.

The amount of surface treatment needed expanded greatly during the project, because the amount of objects needed to be treated increased in ship’s interior. Project employed up to 35 workers from FSP, which indicates the amount of work needed.

FSP reacted flexibly to the tight working phase and was able to keep agreed schedule despite of the increased amount of work by doing shifts also in weekends.

  • CLIENT STX Finland Oy
  • YEAR 2014
  • LOCATIONRauma, Finland