Surface treatment inspections in Uruguay

“The familiar partner that is known to be reliable was a safe choice for a project that demands strong expertise” -Andritz Oy

FSP received an inspection work commission to ensure quality of the surface treatment on pulp mill’s construction site in Uruguay, South America. There were seven areas in total, including containers, towers and other steel constructions. When it was a question of a demanding project, the customer wanted to guarantee impartiality and quality by ordering inspections from the FSP.

In the end of the year 2012, Andritz and FSP created instructions for performing surface treatment. These instructions were utilized in the Uruguay project.

At first FSP’s inspector conducted a survey in the pulp mill area, went through the safety regulations and made a plan to carry out the inspections. Inspections were carried out during one week by taking random samples from every seven areas. Some of the treated surfaces were hidden under insulating material, which also needed to be inspected thoroughly because the coating must be in accordance with specifications everywhere to ensure good corrosion protection.

Because many of the objects to be inspected were located high in towers or containers and there was plenty of climbing, FSP’s inspector wore the necessary safety equipment, including fall protection gear, helmet and high-visibility vest.

In the end, a detailed documentation was made and delivered to final customer from every area inspected.

  • CLIENT Andritz Oy
  • YEAR 2013
  • LOCATIONUruguay, South America