Rotebro highway bridges

”For years, FSP has been our reliable surface treatment partner and we will certainly use FSP in our future projects as well.” –Ruukki

Old Rotebro highway bridges were already 50 years old and worn out, so it was decided to replace them with two completely new bridges. FSP was in charge of surface treatment work on the bridge section joints, high-pressure washing and final coating.

Steel parts were producted in the Ruukki’s factory and they were surface treated in the FSP’s surface treatment shop in Ylivieska, Finland. Surface treatment phases were carried out as the main contractor Ruukki finished bridge parts. Final coating was carried out only when the bridges were completely finished. On FSP’s part, the project employed at best 9 people.

According to Ruukki, FSP made good and finished plans with schedules and they didn’t need to intervene at all. Both bridges were completed on schedule and in accordance with the demanding quality criteria set by Ruukki.

  • CLIENT Ruukki
  • YEAR 2015
  • LOCATIONStockholm, Sweden