Propulsion units
– marine industry

”We receive the turnkey solution for surface treatment from FSP, and also continous advice on surface treatment product development. Our aim is to maintain our surface treatment innovative and thus at the forefront of development” –Rolls-Royce Oy

As a partner FSP is responsible for the turn-key surface treatment solutions for propulsion units produced by Rolls-Royce Oy Ab. The cooperation also includes qualitys control and strict inspections tha FSP carries out during different work phases such as documentation. this is essential because Rolls-Royce has specified gigh quality and environmental requirements and other standards.

Rolls-Royce wants to conventrate on their own core competencies and development as well as build even higher quality propulsion unist with an expert surface treatment partner. One keay feature is flexibility, as the production amounts may occasionally rise very high.

Schedules mus kept also during high production peaks. For this reason, a reliable partner is vital. FSP is able to bring more workers from the company’s other surface treatment shops if needed. The goal is to produce a corrosion resistant surface treatment, as the surface of propulsion devices has to endure demanding conditions. The cooperation between FSP and Rolls-Royce has progressed well so far, because inspections have been passed and there has been no need for recalls.

  • CLIENT Rolls-Royce Oy
  • YEAR 2006-2016
  • LOCATIONRauma, Finland