Kangasniemi surface treatment shop – special effect coating

“Flexible partner is important because our goal is to design unique and high quality products according to customer requirements within the agreed timeframe and to invest in product development.” -Tehomet Oy

FSP is resposible of special effect coating and other type of surface treatment services for lighting poles and masts produced by Tehomet Oy in Kangasniemi surface treatment shop.

Special effect coating brings architecturally impressive appearance. As for example the steel surface can be made to appear as a crocodile leather, wood or marble. The coating is also very durable and the color doesn’t fade over time. The special effect coating can also be used to prevent stickers and posters to be attached into masts, and prevent children from sticking tongues into frozen metal in kindergartens.

Tehomet appreciates FSP’s large size, which brings flexibility with additional resources. Aim of the partnership is to add value for the benefit of Tehomet’s customers via high quality surface treatment. In addition to regular wet coating line, partners have also developed in cooperation an environmentally friendly powder coating line into Kangasniemi surface treatment shop. Environmentally friendly powder coatings doesn’t contain any organic volatile compounds, so the method reduced solvent emissions.

Powder coating line allows versatile capabilities to provide high quality surface treatment with fast schedule. If the workpiece is powder coated in the morning, it is ready to be packaged and transported until noon because of the short drying time. Fast lead time is important because of the increased production volume and urgent delivery times. Totally about 20 000 – 25 000 M² of surface is coated annually in Kangasniemi surface treatment shop. Surface treatment is done in two or three shifts, depending on production volume.

Same result is now achieved with one layer of powder coating that was earlier achieved with two layers of regular coating. Powder coated surface is very durable and maintains its attributes for a long time. According to Tehomet, the change has been dramatic because in five years ago 90% of the products were surface treated with regular coating, and now 95% of the products are powder coated.

  • CLIENT Tehomet Oy
  • YEAR Since 2011
  • LOCATIONKangasniemi, Finland