Höga Kusten bridge

“We chose FSP because their offer was on the most cost-effective. Work was carried as agreed and communication was smooth.” -Trafikverket

In summer 2014, FSP was tasked to perform repair and maintenance painting work for Höga Kusten bridge, which was taken into use in 1997. Project consisted of surface treatment, reporting, documenting and traffic arrangements. With the length of 1,8 km, Höga Kusten is a second longest suspension bridge in the Scandinavia, which indicates the magnitude of the contract.

The northern part of the bridge was the objective for the summer of 2014, and the southern part was treated during the year 2015. There were 1850 railing posts in total, and all of them were first unbolted from the structure. Damaged post bolts were removed and replaced with new ones. Mounting plates for the posts and the edges and sides of the box girder structures were shotblasted and painted with four layers of epoxy. To further prevent potential moisture damages, sealing material was injected in the sides of the posts.

Paints were chosen carefully according to customer’s standards and FSP’s site manager and foreman monitored work process continously with control inspections. Also Trafikverket carried out random inspections on a regular basis. In addition to film thickness measurements, general conditions such as the air temperature and dew point were monitored every day. In rainy days, surface treatment was proceeded under protective tents. During surface treatment work, one lane on the bridge was closed for traffic and the painting equipment was moved every 300 meters.

Safe working conditions were especially important factors during the project because it was a long fall from the bridge and it was used continuously throughout the project. Therefore every one working in the bridge used a safety harness and other kind of safety equipment the whole time.

  • CLIENT Trafikverket
  • YEAR 2014-2015
  • LOCATIONÅngermanland, Sweden