“We wanted a strong and long-term partner that provides us indispensable expertise in surface treatment and extra value through quality improvement for our production unit in Pori.” -Sampo-Rosenlew Oy

According to Sampo-Rosenlew, willingness to concentrate on own core competency and developing it as well as building conditions for business growth were the prime movers behind the cooperation. The objective of the partnership is to ensure an elegant finish for the products that benefits the customers of Sampo-Rosenlew in Finland and especially in the international market. An elegant outfit and glossy coating also gives an impression of a high quality product.

Surface treatment work phases are distributed so that Sampo-Rosenlew is responsible for a dip painting and powder coating of components and FSP answers for finishing paintings. FSP’s surface treatment work includes processing with a pressure washer, removal of grease, grinding the base, protection needed for the surface painting and labelling. After final assembly FSP performs touch up painting, finish the surface to delivery condition and document quality inspections. When necessary, FSP also performs shot blasting about 3 km away in another surface treatment shop.

FSP has two painting lines along, which both the combine harvester and cutting table proceed towards finishing painting. Time needed to passing through is shortened by ovens that accelerate drying of the paint.

Work proceeds seasonally and is concentrated especially in the period from March to August. In high season, quick reacting and flexibility are essential, so FSP brings more workers from other surface treatment shops if necessary.

Sampo-Rosenlew manufactures approximately a thousand combine harvesters per year. This is the reason why finishing painting must be performed quickly and right on time; the delivery date has already been scheduled for the finished products.

  • CLIENT Sampo-Rosenlew Oy
  • YEAR 2010-
  • LOCATIONPori, Finland