Ahvenkoski bridge

Normek chose FSP because of a schedule management, high quality and good price-performance ratio.

Ahvenkoski Bridge goes across Kymijoki between Kotka and Loviisa, it is the only single-arch bridge structure in Finland. It is composed of two concrete beam brodges which lead to the tied-arch brodge (143 m). The total length of the bridge is 400 meters. The steel structure 136 meters long, the main span 90 meters, the weight 1 000 tons.

In total 68 bridges are beiinig built along the highway 7 between Kotka and Koskenkylä of which building Ahvenkoski Bridge was the most demanding and exceptional for its methods of construction. The highway is a part of the international Highway E18 from Turku to Vaalimaa and the bridg is one of the most impressive parts of the road. Ahvenkoski is one of the six new interchanges of the highgway.

The surface treatment of the bridge requires good skills and care because the coating must stand for several years. Maintenance treatments are made if needed for abrasion. The surface treatment of the bridge must include five coats of paint so that the surface is resistant enough. In the inspection, the thickness of the coat is measured and the adherence of the paint is tested by a drawing test.

  • CLIENT Normek Oy
  • YEAR 2014
  • LOCATIONAhvenkoski, Finland