FSP is now offering their customers versatile wet blasting services via flexible, mobile equipment. Wet blasting is a cleaning method where any blasting material can be used, provided it is heavier than water. Such materials include sand and aluminum oxide.

”The blasting material is selected according to base material and purpose,” says Manager Henri Kiminki of FSP’s Uusimaa and projects business unit.

This method will effectively remove paint from steel, concrete, and stone surfaces, while also roughening the surface for coating. It is therefore a good method for many purposes. The benefits of wet blasting are its efficiency, low environmental impact, and versatility.

”Efficiency can be improved, because wet blasting uses less blasting material than traditional sand blasting,” says Kiiminki.

”We are already experienced in wet blasting, so we know that it’s a good choice for sites where there are for example electric motors that could be damaged by dust.”

The method is quite friendly to the environment and even better in terms of occupational safety, because it generates only minor dusting. However, this does not eliminate the need for personal protective equipment. The dust-free method decreases the need to protect the environment, which saves time and increases the cost-effectiveness of projects.

The method does not cause sparks, so it can be used in potentially explosive areas.