The Swedish Ramberg Investment AB has acquired a controlling interest in FSP Finnish Steel Painting Oy located in Söderkulla, Sipoo, Helsinki capital area. The investment company is headed by Fredrik Ramberg, who has also previously been among the main owners of FSP. Now Ramberg wants to increase his ownership in FSP. At the same time, the ownership share of FSP’s operational management in the company grows, as well. 

Through the arrangement the operational management commits to the company’s growth and internationalisation goals in all market areas. Also, it will enable strategy implementation in a challenging market situation.

“The arrangement allows FSP´s operational management and key personnel to commit more fully to the implementation of our newly streamlined strategy. The new strategy highlights our active customer service and idea generation culture. After the completion of the arrangement, our operations will be embossed with a more dynamic entrepreneurial spirit. We’re aiming to make sure that in the future as well, our customers will have access to profound surface treatment know-how in manufacturing, process and offshore business and in infrastructure projects,” says Pentti Virtanen, President of FSP Finnish Steel Painting Oy.

“The ownership arrangements will offer FSP excellent opportunities to keep implementing its strategy and provide us with an improved ability to meet customer needs in all market areas. The surface treatment business is at an interesting stage of development. I believe that the entire arrangement will give FSP the chance to strengthen its position as the market leader and to continue its successful expansion in Northern Europe. The change also opens up possibilities to further expansion in the Baltic area and access to financing opportunities as well as strategic partnerships,” says Fredrik Ramberg.

The ownership arrangements will have no effect on the company name.

More information:
Pentti Virtanen, President of FSP Finnish Steel Painting Oy, mob. +358 400 811 674, pentti.virtanen@fspcorp.com.