Quality control and improvement. Cooperation and understanding of customer needs.

These big words are often heard, but what do they actually mean? In this issue of For Surface Protection, we wish to tell you what they mean to us.

In Iisalmi, we work in close cooperation with customers, sharing the same production facilities with our largest customer in the area. Open dialogue has helped develop our processes and cut lead times while increasing work quality. You can read more about our Iisalmi unit from here.

This issue also describes our operations in Saue, Estonia (pp. xx–xx), where customer contacts are particularly important. Estonian companies are used to carrying out surface treatment by themselves. Reaching a partnership deal usually requires lengthy negotiations where the entire production process is laid open. Through simulation we can locate bottlenecks and eventually transform processes other than just surface treatment. It is crucial to find an operating model that is cost-efficient for everyone taking part in production. This is an important principle in everything we do.

Our new Hämeenlinna unit is introduced on pages xx to xx. Operations have had a good start, and the new team has been supported for example through trainings, which are still ongoing. FSP wants to support our personnel on both personal and business unit levels, and across unit boundaries. There is a lot of strength and know-how in our large working community.

Quality actions yield quality outcomes. On pages xx to xx we take a look beneath the surface to see just what it takes to produce a polished, high-quality surface treatment.

Helpfully yours

Pentti Virtanen
FSP Finnish Steel Painting