This year, FSP’s Porvoo units have completed various overall service projects. The year has been particularly busy at the Eerolanmäki and Nyby surface treatment facilities, as well as on site at our customer locations.

“We have taken on a lot of responsibility of different value-added services. In addition to traditional surface treatment, we have focused more on developing our overall services and offering new methods and technologies,” says Henri Kiminki, FSP Project Manager in Porvoo.

“We are able to offer, for example, small-scale steel structure reparations and welding, as well as fireproof coating. We do surface treatment work even on large structures, either in our facility, at the customer’s facilities or on site at the project location. We are flexible and offer everything from pipe coatings to special effect coatings,” Kiminki sums up.

“The overall service concept has received a positive response from our partners. We have signed new multi-annual agreements for surface treatment contracts with Borealis and Neste,” Kiminki continues.

This year, FSP has completed e.g. several surface treatment projects for containers and as well as maintenance paintings.

In addition, FSP has carried out repair paint work at the KPP power plant co-owned by Neste, Borealis and Veolia, which is currently reaching its rooftop height. The key element has been short lead-time, which has been developed further.

“Neste is a demanding client in a good way, as they make us continuously develop our occupational and environmental safety.”

FSP has also carried out pipe coating projects and touch-up paint work during the major shutdown at the chemical company Borealis. Workers were then able to reach process locations that are inaccessible during a normal visit. The contract included e.g. surface treatment work on a 43-metre long factory hall column.

A slightly more unusual project comprising the surface treatment of a sea buoy was commissioned by the Finnish Transport Agency. The target was a buoy steering traffic outside Harmaja, and more precisely its underwater steel structure, which must resist the corrosion caused by sea water. In such cases, the surface treatment work must meet very high expectations, as a sea buoy needs to endure the stress caused by the harsh operating environment.

“We have also performed surface treatment on lighting columns in the Kalasatama art district, and continued the park bench project commissioned by Stara, where the legs of park benches are given a surface coating to make them look like birch trees.”

“In addition to the enterprises of the Kilpilahti area, we offer our services flexibly for the entire Helsinki-Uusimaa Region.”