Since the beginning of April, the Outotec Filters-unit operating in Lappeenranta, Finland, has outsourced their factory’s acid pickling- and painting operations to FSP. The contract covers all of the surface treatment operations of the facility. The Outotec surface treatment professionals transferred to FSP with their current employment conditions.

As a result of the partnership FSP, will extend its operations into southern Karelia in eastern Finland and is sure that there is demand for high quality surface treatment services in the area. The unit is currently handling a variety of different mining- and processing industry related products.

“On a concern level FSP has been partnering with us since 2004. Because of our functional and refined co-operation we felt that they were a natural partner and developer of operations in Lappeenranta,” says the Head of Global Manufacturing, Petteri Malin, from Outotec.

The new FSP paint shop is situated in the Pallo city district of Lappeenranta. The facility consists of an acid pickling unit operating inside the Outotec factory as well as a separate paint shop and shot blasting unit. ARC-coatings are also produced on the premises.

“In addition to Outotec we are also ready to offer versatile surface treatment services to other clients in south Karelia. We will possibly later expand our offered services to cover the needs for a powder painting. We also offer our clients final assembly of surface treated products as well as logistics – and packaging services,” states FSP CEO Pentti Virtanen.