Outotec (Filters) Oy and FSP Finnish Steel Painting Oy have reached an agreement on the outsourcing of acid pickling and painting operations at Outotec’s Lappeenranta factory. With this cooperation, FSP will be expanding its operations to South Karelia. The company sees demand for high-quality and cost-efficient surface treatment services in the area.

Outotec Filters and FSP Finnish Steel Painting will begin cooperation in Lappeenranta on 1 April 2017 when Outotec outsources its acid pickling operations to the largest surface treatment company in the Nordic countries. The cooperation agreement also includes all of the factory’s painting operations.

All of Outotec’s surface treatment professionals will be transferred to FSP with their current employment conditions. The unit currently handles various products related to mining and process industries.

– Our corporation has had a partnership with FSP since 2004. As a result of our well-functioning and refined cooperation, it was natural to include them as partners to develop operations also in Lappeenranta, says Petteri Malin, Head of Global Manufacturing at Outotec.

– We believe that having a partner focused on surface treatment will have a positive impact both on products and their further development, as well as on the transferred personnel, states Malin.

South Karelia – an area of interest

FSP’s new surface treatment facility is located in the Pallo neighbourhood of Lappeenranta. In addition to the acid pickling shop operating inside the Outotec factory, the facility includes separate shops for painting and blasting, which provide quality treatment for products of various sizes and materials for other customers in the area.

The facility also produces ARC coatings that are suited for products exposed to, for example, high temperatures or heavy mechanical and chemical strain.

– We have invested in South Karelia because until now, the area has been a blank spot on the map of FSP’s services. We have observed demand for diverse surface treatment services in the area. Our plan for the near future is to expand our services in Lappeenranta to include the requirements of a powder coating shop. We also provide our customers finishing services for surface treated products, as well as logistics and packaging services, explains Pentti Virtanen, CEO at FSP.

Outotec (Filters) Oy

Outotec’s production unit in Lappeenranta, Outotec (Filters) Oy, develops, manufactures and supplies products, services and turn-key solutions for solid-liquid separation to the mining, mineral, chemical and process industries.

More information:

Pentti Virtanen, CEO
FSP Finnish Steel Painting Oy
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Petteri Malin, Vice President, Head of Global Manufacturing at Outotec
Outotec Filters Oy
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