In this issue, we have discussed openness – for example open corporate culture and not holding back information but using it for the benefit of our own actions, customer cooperation and the entire industry. At FSP, we want to be open and transparent in our communications as well.

– We have been actively developing our marketing communications for a couple of years now, says Sanna Parkkonen, FSP’s Sales and Marketing Director. – We have increased communication and expanded its content. 

First, FSP renewed its website. After that, various contents have been published online, including a surface treatment buyer’s guide, articles and videos. FSP also has a presence in the social media.

FSP also has a presence in the social media.


Traditionally, surface treatment companies have not been very active communicators, but FSP’s contents have reached their audience.  

– Many people are interested in our unit introduction videos, for example, because some of our customers have never actually visited a surface treatment facility. Also, not all of our employees have visited all FSP units, Sanna Parkkonen says. – Employee interviews and project case stories give concrete information about who we are and all the things we do.   

Parkkonen believes that many customers are interested in FSP’s operations more deeply, not only regarding their own business with us.  

– Active communication is part of our customer service. I believe that many customers are more and more interested in what we do, and communication is a great way of sharing this information. I especially think that when our communication is transparent, it is also easier for the customer to be open. This creates mutual trust, enabling us to serve customers even better. Trust is important in many ways, Parkkonen says.

Often it is similar contents that spark interest both inside and outside FSP.  

– A new employee just told me he had read our online articles and said our website is a good source of information where you can see the company’s history and development, Parkkonen says.  


– FSP develops and executes communications together with Zeroten Oy, Sanna Parkkonen says. – In this work, our main driver is to be customer-oriented.  

Parkkonen encourages customers and other stakeholders to be in contact and speak out what kinds of subjects and contents they would find interesting.   

– All feedback, questions and ideas are welcome, Parkkonen encourages. 

– It would be great if people told us what they would like to know more about. Is it some product or method, process development, or an interview of a customer or employee – or something completely different. No subject is too small or broad that you couldn’t ask us to share more information about it.  

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