The new production line at the FSP Stargard surface treatment facility is now operational. Doubling the capacity of the facility, the line also enables a more diverse offering of logistics and value-added services. “We can now serve our customers better than before and offer them more. Poland has a lot of possibilities to offer and we are seeking organic growth,” says Samuli Laine-Zamojski. He started working as Business Controller at FSP Poland in August 2019.

FSP has operated in Poland just under ten years. There are currently two surface treatment facilities, both in Stargard.

Planning for a new line for the second Stargard facility began a few years ago. Now, the line is up and running with three parallel painting chambers, each measuring 12 m x 6 m x 4.65 m (height). Parallel placement of chambers gives more flexibility, complementing the other line that has an end-to-end placement of chambers.

– This investment effectively doubles the facility’s surface treatment capacity, says Samuli Laine-Zamojski.

Laine-Zamojski is responsible for FSP’s business development and sales in Poland.

The investment also added more space for the surface treatment facility.

– Our operation now spans over 3200 m2 (34400 sq.ft.). We can better serve our existing customers, but there is ample room for new projects as well. The expanded space allows us to complement our surface treatment services with logistics and value-added services. For example, we are able to package and store workpieces and products and, if necessary, deliver them directly to the end customer.


Samuli Laine-Zamojski is confident that investing in Poland will pay off.

– Poland is a diverse market and we are very well located. There is a lot of industry nearby, from shipyards to assembly plants. Poland has an abundance of manufacturing of industrial machinery, railway equipment and automotive industry, for example, along with their subcontracting networks. In terms of surface treatment outsourcing, there is plenty of potential especially in heavy vehicles. Many new infrastructure projects are also being kicked off, and FSP has a clear competitive advantage through solid experience from similar projects in Finland.

While the world economy is fluctuating, Poland has shown relative stability.

– Poland is not immune to global economic cycles, but during the last ten years it has proved to be extremely capable in varying economical situations, Laine-Zamojski says.

A telling feature of the Polish market is that seasonal fluctuation for FSP Poland only means positive, not negative, peaks in demand.

– Employment rate in our industry is very good here.


Despite the good market situation, there are challenges to operating in surface treatment in Poland.

– Price competition is tough, and many local companies manage the surface treatment of their products by themselves, says Samuli Laine-Zamojski.

FSP’s largest customers in Poland include Cargotec and Hydroline.

– For us, it does not pay to compete with local companies with sheer price. Instead, we can serve multinational companies reliably and differentiate ourselves with quality, Laine-Zamojski says.

It is essential for international companies that their surface treatment partner fulfil all criteria, including quality and environmental requirements.

–  FSP’s service level in Poland is no different to that in Finland.


Samuli Laine-Zamojski has worked for FSP since August.

– I had previously worked in Poland as a business consultant and director of the Polish unit of a Finnish electromechanics subcontracting firm. Last two years, I have worked at airplane manufacturer Boeing in technical sales for their global customers accounts. – Altogether, I have ten years of work experience in Poland.

Laine-Zamojski’s interest in Poland was sparked already during his studies.

– I have graduated as Master of Social Science. I came to Poland as an exchange student in the Erasmus programme and learned just what a multi-faceted and interesting country Poland is – perhaps more varied and positive than the image many of us in Finland have about Poland. – I have also completed a postgraduate degree in Poland on IT project management. This is very useful in FSP, where we are preparing for future challenges also through digitalization.

Laine-Zamojski has now lived in Poland for seven years. He discovered his current job through FSP’s CEO and former Business Director Jarno Huttunen.

– FSP immediately sounded interesting. FSP’s business environment offers a fascinating vantage point over industry in general.

His first months at the job have fulfilled expectations.

– There is definitely a positive mood and a lot of possibilities. We are seeking organic growth in Poland, and there seems to be good demand for the newly built line.


Samuli Laine-Zamojski
Business Controller
FSP Poland
+48 882 801 918

  • Business Controller at FSP Poland since August 2019. Responsible for business development and sales in Poland.
  • MSSc (University of Jyväskylä 2009), postgraduate degree in IT project management (WSAiB, Poland 2017). 
  • Over ten years’ experience of business in Poland.
  • 38 years old. Born in southwestern Finland, based in Poland since 2012 with his wife.
  • Hobbies include long-distance running – “seriously, despite my lack of talent”. Samuli has completed numerous marathons and, last summer, his first ultra runs of 65 km and 85 km. He is also interested in languages: in addition to mother tongue Finnish, he speaks fluent English and Polish and is studying Swedish and Russian. The latest project is to study German.


  • two facilities in Stargard
  • services: washing and cleaning, wet coating, final outfitting, packaging, chemical pre-treatment, shot blasting with steel grit and powder coating
  • around 50 employees (in 2015 less than 10 employees)
  • revenue in 2017 1.1 M€, in 2018 ca. 2,8 M€, prediction in 2019 ca. 3 M€