In the summer of 2017, FSP completed an innovative project in which the company piloted a brand new kind of coating solution for thermal insulation.

The product is particularly well-suited for the surface treatment of hot process pipe systems and container structures. The insulation coating was utilised in a project where the roof of a customer’s oil container was insulated with the new coating instead of the traditional insulation.

“The coating is suitable for hot conditions and it saves energy, cools down the treated surface, and makes the surface safer and easier to handle. The product cools down a surface with a temperature as high as 190 degrees Celsius,” explains FSP Project Manager Pasi Kovalainen.

Surface treatment of the pilot target went smoothly. The new product offers excellent insulating and anti-corrosive features, and it is cost-effective, easy to implement, versatile and safe. It is well-suited for high temperatures, non-flammable, and easier to maintain than the traditional solutions.