Kari Nostaja is the newly appointed manager of the new surface treatment plant in Hämeenlinna and the Häme regional business unit. He promises investments in the Hämeenlinna plant, which will broaden services and shorten the lead time for jobs. Customer preferences and ideas are now also welcome.

On 30 November 2018, FSP issued a press release detailing an agreement whereby Patria will outsource the surface treatment operations in Hämeenlinna to FSP. The Hämeenlinna unit also treats products from other nearby companies.

The manager of the new surface treatment plant in Hämeenlinna and the Häme regional business unit for the whole of FSP is Kari Nostaja. He sees many opportunities coming from the new situation.

“There is already a broad range of services and the employees have a good attitude. In the future, we will serve the operators in the Häme region with even more versatility,” Nostaja promises.


“Come and plan a paint shop together with us according to your needs,” says Kari Nostaja, issuing an invitation to companies in the Häme region.

At the moment, the new Hämeenlinna plant has two paint lines. According to the preliminary investment plan, the plant’s capacity, technologies and alternatives will be developed.

“For example, we are now aiming for even more environmentally friendly and inexpensive surface treatment combinations for our customers. With new advanced materials, you can also shorten the lead time for the works,” says Nostaja. “Perhaps, even a painting robot for treating small pieces is under discussion.”

Part of the investments will be directed towards a renewal of the heating system, at which stage the plant will stop using fossil fuels.

In future plans, there is also space for customer-specific solutions.

“Just now, we also have a chance to make customised investments.”


Kari Nostaja has an M.Sc. (Eng.) and is a teacher. He has had a long and varied career. He has gained surface treatment experience not only through paint shop work, but also from equipment delivery projects, painting supervision and quality inspection as well as from teaching surface treatment.

This surface treatment veteran emphasises the importance of quality in both customer service and surface treatment as well as in value-added services.

“Quality does not mean that you see certificates on the paint shop walls. A quality system can be seen in practical deeds, such as requiring that documentation should be a natural part of the work,” Nostaja explains.

“Or, if the value-added services of the Hämeenlinna plant also include packaging services in the future, where we ourselves pack the surface-treated products and send them out into the world, everything should sure be all right. There will be difficulties if a defective product is found in a package in, say, South Africa.”

Nostaja firmly believes that things will go very well with the new crew. Along with the partnership with Patria, about ten of the Hämeenlinna paint shop’s present operator’s professionals will be transferred to FSP as old employees.

“We already have a very positive impression of this bunch. It appears that the atmosphere and team spirit are good,” says Nostaja about his new workers.

Before him lie big decisions and a great deal of work, but the new job is inspiring.

“This is actually my dream job: to get to plan and build a working environment for myself.”


  • M.Sc. (Eng.), teacher
  • Resident of Riihimäki with roots in Ostrobothnia, father of two boys
  • Learnt about the paint shop industry as a child through his parents’ family company: ”I learnt about painting at my mother’s breast.”
  • He plays volleyball, indoor beach volleyball in the winter, and he goes skiing as well.