FSP Finnish Steel Painting Ltd and a leading manufacturer of lift truck attachments, Auramo Oy have concluded a significant agreement in surface treatment services.

In the initial phase, the agreement covers surface treatment operations at the Auramo’s Vantaa facilities. In the end of the summer operations will be transferred to the new factory in Järvenpää. The surface treatment personnel was transferred to FSP. The agreement improves Auramo’s productivity and customer service when integrating them to FSP’s strong, professional and continuously developing surface treatment know-how.

This is FSP’s fifteenth co-operation agreement with well-known companies in branch of metal industry since 2001. In the background there is industry’s desire to seek value-added surface treatment quality with a knowledgeable partner.

”The agreement gives us possibility to focus on our own core competencies. It also allows us for developing and building the growth prerequisite of our own business. Through the co-operation we’ll get surface treatment services with high quality and environmental friendly, which will benefit our customers. What matters is a rapid lead time, which rises as a competitive factor in manufacturing”, says Jarmo Uimi CEO of Auramo Oy.

”According to this agreement we are ready to redeem our promises the leading manufacturer of lift truck attachments, Auramo Oy and to create a platform for long-term and trustful cooperation. We offer services according to certified management system, which guarantees a finished result for high-quality products. We are very satisfied of the new partnership and we believe that the trend of outsourcing surface treatment services to professional partner continues in every market areas”, says Pentti Virtanen CEO of FSP Finnish Steel Painting Ltd.
More information:

CEO Pentti Virtanen, FSP Finnish Steel Painting Ltd, mob: +358 400 811 674.
CEO Jarmo Uimi, Auramo Oy: mob: +358 40 777 8697.


Auramo Oy

Auramo Oy, founded in 1947, belongs to BOLZONI-AURAMO Corporation since 2001, when Bolzoni S.p.A. bought Auramo Oy. Corporation was listed on the stock exchange in 2006 and it is now the biggest manufacturer of lift truck attachments in Europe. BOLZONI-AURAMO Corporation offers the widest range of the market: leading material handling equipment for general purpose and forest industry and also tailor-made solutions for customer’s special needs. The Corporation have achieved its market targets by dedication, technical research and capacity of innovation. BOLZONI-AURAMO Corporation have business activities in every continent, it has 7 factories and 20 companies with 700 employers. www.bolzoni-auramo.fi