During the spring and summer of 2017, FSP carried out IMO-regulated FROSIO certification inspections at the Croatian Trogir Brodogdadiliste shipyard to control the quality of steelwork and anti-corrosive coatings.

The target of the inspection was a part delivery for the hull of an Arctic tanker ordered by Arctech Helsinki Shipyard. The Arctic tanker was commissioned from Arctech by the Greek shipping company Dynacom.

The NB 515 tanker is built partially in Finland and in Croatia. The vessel’s fore, consisting of various sectors and measuring 167 metres, is manufactured in Croatia. FSP’s FROSIO inspector controlled the quality of the steelwork and anti-corrosive coating work on site as the work was finished.

“With the inspector travelling to the location, we were able to avoid having to acquire IMO certification for the anti-corrosive coatings at the Arctech shipyard in Finland. FSP offers FROSIO inspections around the world according to our customers’ needs. Our experts have done inspections for example in Denmark, China, Uruguay and Norway,” says FSP Area Manager Jukka Lähde.

Surface treatment is of crucial importance, as the tanker is exposed to both corrosive sea water and the demanding ice conditions of the Northern Sea Route. The tanker is capable of breaking through almost two metres of ice. The vessel utilises the Finnish innovation of a double-acting vessel concept, where the ship is optimised to run ahead in open water and proceed astern in heavy ice conditions.

FSP worked on site for four months, during which the surface treatment work performed on the vessel was submitted to both visual inspections and technical measurements. The objective was to audit the level of quality in the subcontractors’ processes, to observe quality monitoring, and to point out potential problems if necessary.