FSP is perceived as the largest and leading actor in the field, with the best potential for hiring capable professionals. The company plays a strong and central role in their customerships. The level of satisfaction is raised especially by long-term expertise, management of day-to-day routines, capable managers, flexibility, smooth communications, and approachability.

These were the core results of FSP’s nationwide customer survey. The focus group for the survey consisted of strategic partners. A total of 24 deci- sion-makers completed the survey during March–May of 2018.

The method of the survey was face-to-face interviews. The goal was to look into the effects of changing strategies and the potential of appointed customer accounts. The perspective was that of the Blue Ocean Strategy.

According to respondents, markets are currently very healthy and investments are being made. As a consequence, the significance of surface treatment has increased. The most critical selection criteria for surface treatment partner were quality, flexibility, reliability, and environmental concerns.

Essential quality issues were durability and visuality, and flexibility was the essential issue for work and operations. The decisive production reliability issue is carrying out all works according to process, and in a planned and resolute manner. Accounting for environmental factors means operating in accordance with certified standards and the company’s environmental policy.

A positive aspect was that FSP’s customers are more willing to discuss the development of cooperation. One of the most important partnership aspects for customers were regular quarterly meetings.

The results also highlighted some clear targets for improvement which FSP will tackle next. We would like to thank our partners for providing valuable develop- mental feedback during the interviews.