In the “Faces of FSP” series of articles, readers get to know FSP people. They speak about topics that are current for their own work, the whole company and the field in general. Business unit manager Henri Kiminki is responsible for the Uusimaa unit and moving projects. He thinks that the changes to the organisation
In ”The Faces of FSP” article series, we meet the people behind the company and talk to them about their work in the context of topical questions for the industry and for FSP. Development Manager Juli-Ann Rikkonen has to stay abreast of the latest developments in FSP and the industry as a whole, while also
In the Faces of FSP article series we meet the people working at FSP. They talk about things that are relevant to their job, the entire company and the industry. Our first interviewee is FSP’s CEO, Pentti Virtanen: The company and industry are doing better than in many years, but we must not become complacent.