Jarno Huttunen is appointed FSP Finnish Steel Painting Ltd CEO as of July 1st, 2019. Pentti Virtanen is appointed Vice Chairman of the Board.
In late 2018 the Finnish aerospace and defence company Patria and FSP agreed on a long-term cooperation at the Hämeenlinna site where Patria’s products were being surface treated. The surface treatment functions of the site were transferred to FSP this January. What is our Hämeenlinna unit like? Read on to learn more about its operations
The largest customer of FSP’s Iisalmi unit is Normet. We share production facilities and work in close cooperation. It is beneficial for both sides to have processes as smooth as possible – which leaves production capacity for other customers as well.
Patria and FSP Finnish Steel Painting Oy have reached an agreement on surface treatment operations in Hämeenlinna paint shop as of January 1st, 2019.


Read about current appointment news and learn about the remits of the people appointed to new positions.
Kari Nostaja is the newly appointed manager of the new surface treatment plant in Hämeenlinna and the Häme regional business unit. He promises investments in the Hämeenlinna plant, which will broaden services and shorten the lead time for jobs. Customer preferences and ideas are now also welcome.
Developing products and methods is every day’s work at FSP. At the Kangasniemi paintshop we can now offer metal surfaces with wood pattern. – For years we have offered different kind of effective coatings, one more spectacular such as crocodile skin, stone pattern, metallic effect etc. From now one customers have asked us to offer
”There is potential in Poland”, says Jarno Huttunen. In the summer, Business Director of FSP moved to Poznań, Poland. His assignment is to supervise the new line investment will be implemented and the business in Poland continues its great development. Huttunen is also attracted to new experiences as well in his career as personally.


Robotics is an important part of the work of Juli-Ann Rikkonen, development manager in FSP. Is it possible to learn for instance the experiences of car industry in the industrial surface treatment? How to utilize robotics and how to support the personnel in the continuous change?
The renovation project on Rovaniemi’s Ounaskoski rail bridge has begun. For FSP Finnish Steel Painting, responsible for surface treatment work, this marks an extremely important contract. FSP’s ambition is to restore the bridge to perfect condition, following strict quality and environmental requirements.