We have finalized our co-operation negotiations in 30th September 2014, that’s how we ensure that we respond to our customers’ needs also in the future, we invest in flexibility and the overall quality of our services. With organizational changes we both enhance and develop our operations and respond to the demand of the surface treatment
The Swedish Ramberg Investment AB has acquired a controlling interest in FSP Finnish Steel Painting Oy located in Söderkulla, Sipoo, Helsinki capital area. The investment company is headed by Fredrik Ramberg, who has also previously been among the main owners of FSP. Now Ramberg wants to increase his ownership in FSP. At the same time,
The establishment of the subsidiary in Norway supports FSP’s vision of being the leading and diverse surface treatment producer in the North European market.The main strategic goal is to increase turnover to 50 million euro before the end of 2015.The objective is to double international sale during three following years. There will be big expansion
FSP Finnish Steel Painting Ltd and a leading manufacturer of lift truck attachments, Auramo Oy have concluded a significant agreement in surface treatment services. In the initial phase, the agreement covers surface treatment operations at the Auramo’s Vantaa facilities. In the end of the summer operations will be transferred to the new factory in Järvenpää.