You are holding a thick reading package of our corporate news and success stories. We have had many of those during the last months of 2018! I will give you three examples.
Historical offshore-natural gas pipeline across the the gulf of Finland from Paldiski Estonia to Inkoo Finland will be ready for use by the year 2020. FSP was in charge of the surface treatment of Inkoo valve station pipeline.
Patria and FSP Finnish Steel Painting Oy have reached an agreement on surface treatment operations in Hämeenlinna paint shop as of January 1st, 2019.
Rovaniemi’s Ounaskoski railway and road bridge in northern Finland was opened again for traffic in the beginning of November, after a major renovation that lasted over a year. The nearly 70-year-old bridge received a whole new paint cover, new railings and lighting, the car lane a new asphalt and much more space for cyclists.
Steel company SSAB’s factory in Raahe, western Finland renovated the durability of the water treatment plant’s flotation pool in November 2018 during rolling mill shutdown. The company selected FSP’s surface treatment unit in Raahe to execute the project.


Starting from autumn of 2018 FSP has been tightly involved in productivity program, which is organized by Teknologiateollisuus ry (Technology industries of Finland) and Teollisuusliitto ry (Industrial Union). The objective is to strengthen confidential relationships and make the whole staff involved in developing the operations. The unions’ program is unique in Finnish labour market.
In autumn 2018, FSP provided various wet blasting services to its clients with its mobile equipment. One of the sites was in Kalasatama in Helsinki, close to the shopping centre Redi; the adhesives in an apartment building’s concrete foundation were cleaned with a wet blaster by FSP.
FSP offers its clients a wooden appearance for metal surfaces. The surface can be almost any metal surface that can be powder coated.
During fall 2018, FSP completed a project where the roof of a sour water tank received a surface treatment at the Kilpilahti refinery in Southern Finland. The used coating was an extremely durable polyurea.


FSP and a Finnish internationally operating training company Scandinaval Group have started cooperation. Scandinaval Group implements trainings designed to meet FSP’s needs, within the operating area of FSP.