In this issue, we have discussed openness – for example open corporate culture and not holding back information but using it for the benefit of our own actions, customer cooperation and the entire industry. At FSP, we want to be open and transparent in our communications as well.


Jarno Huttunen started as FSP’s new CEO on July 1st, 2019. how does the new role feel like? What are the most topical issues at FSP, or the surface treatment industry in general? Welcome to meet our new CEO!
The cooperation between FSP and Oulun Energia started a year ago with floor coating, and continued with maintenance painting of conveyor floor supports. Jani Orava, work planner for mechanical maintenance at Oulu Energia, thanks FSP for both cooperation and independency,
FSP has always had clients from the energy industry. This experience is useful in the business with varied work descriptions and strict quality requirements. 
In summer 2017, FSP opened a new, modern surface treatment facility in Raahe. The unit has 3000 m2 (32,300 sq. ft.) of office and production space with three painting chambers that can be heated up. The surface treatment facility has had an excellent start. Work is carried out at our own facility as well as


Tuomo Nikama, the new Supervisor in our Järvenpää unit, is pleased: employees are trained, work is well organized and clientele is varied. He is also excited about the new ideas and possibilities emerging from the FROSIO course. 


Tampere tramway starts operating in August 2021. Along its route, there will be three kinds of tram posts. They are supplied by Tehomet, while FSP is responsible for their surface treatment. The companies work in close cooperation in Kangasniemi. 
In Hämeenlinna, neighbouring FSP’s new surface treatment facility, is the home of Sisu Akselit – a long-standing company better known as sisu axles outside Finland. its products were surface treated in Hämeenlinna already before FSP acquired the paint shop. Sisu Akselit commends the smooth transition and FSP’s eagerness for cooperation. through cooperation, new ideas have
FSP’s Development Manager Rauli Yrjänä believes that digital solutions can be put widely to use in the surface treatment industry, From basic paint shop work to creating new business possibilities. It is essential to maintain control over changes that reshape the industry and transform employee roles. Every digital solution must be well advised. It is
Welcome to this autumn’s issue of For Surface Protection.