The Nordic Countries’ largest liquefied natural gas container has been erected this year in Röyttä, Tornio, located on the shore of Bothnian Bay in Northern Finland. The diameter is approximately 43 metres and height 50 metres. FSP performed surface treatment on the tank top process module installed on top of the container.
During the spring and summer of 2017, FSP carried out IMO-regulated FROSIO certification inspections at the Croatian Trogir Brodogdadiliste shipyard to control the quality of steelwork and anti-corrosive coatings.


In the summer of 2017, FSP completed an innovative project in which the company piloted a brand new kind of coating solution for thermal insulation.
FSP’s Lappeenranta surface treatment plant in Finland possesses decades’ worth of strong ARC coating expertise. The innovative ARC coating is particularly aimed for products which must endure high temperatures and mechanical and chemical stress in demanding conditions.


Poland offers promising prospects for the future, and we expect FSP to almost triple its business in Poland in 2018. These are the thoughts of FSP Business Director Jarno Huttunen.
This year, FSP’s Porvoo units have completed various overall service projects. The year has been particularly busy at the Eerolanmäki and Nyby surface treatment facilities, as well as on site at our customer locations.
New technological solutions have been utilised to protect the concrete and steel parts of the Lontilanjoki railway bridge in Akaa in Southern Finland. The innovative surface treatment job was completed in compliance with the strict quality, occupational safety, and environmental requirements.