Welcome to read the first issue of For Surface Protection magazine in 2020. Our main topics for the issue are expertise, cooperation and openness. This time, we’ll discuss them through examples of customer relationships and interviews.
Good colleagues, a new and modern coating line, varied job description. There are many things that make work meaningful for Juha Granholm, Head of FSP’s Southwest Finland business unit. He thinks that being successful in surface treatment requires flexibility.
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Production Manager Simo Sorjonen at the Raisio surface treatment facility is happy. A major investment project is on the final stretch and a new coating line soon ready for operation. The investment, made jointly with a customer, will double the facility’s surface treatment capacity while making it possibly the most modern paint shop in Finland.
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Hiab’s Raisio factory is focused on the surface treatment and assembly of hooklifts. The company cooperates closely with FSP in both everyday operations and development. The factory is expecting significant growth, which is why Hiab and FSP are together investing in a new paint shop. Factory director Esa Korolainen discusses the operations and future expectations
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How has painting changed over the decades? What is there still to learn for an old hand? How is FSP as an employer? Three employees from Raisio discuss their jobs.
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Bronto Skylift manufactures access platforms whose main functions are to save lives and protect infrastructure in challenging circumstances, high above the ground. The company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hydraulic access platforms, and a world record holder. Bronto Skylift relies on the cooperation with FSP. 
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”Many companies run their own paint shops, but they might be lacking high-level know-how or the latest knowledge in the industry. We can offer companies the training they need to bring their knowledge and know-how up to date,” promises Sami Pappinen, Surface Treatment Specialist and Quality Manager at FSP. His work includes helping various occupational
FSP and Scanclimber have signed a deal that transfers the surface treatment operations in Scanclimber’s Gniezno factory to FSP Steel Painting Sp. z o.o. from February 2020 onwards. For FSP, this is a great opportunity to carry out and develop the surface treatment of a globally operating manufacturer. The agreement also supports FSP’s growth objectives
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What news are there about FSP’s digitalization and other development activities? In this issue of For Surface Treatment, development manager Rauli Yrjänä again discusses topical issues in FSP and the surface treatment industry.