In ”The Faces of FSP” article series, we meet the people behind the company and talk to them about their work in the context of topical questions for the industry and for FSP. Development Manager Juli-Ann Rikkonen has to stay abreast of the latest developments in FSP and the industry as a whole, while also


FSP’s Estonian operations in Saue and Jüri are thriving. FSP’s surface treatment facilities in Estonia provide services to companies such as ABB, Sandvik, Stera Saue As and now Wärtsilä Energy Solutions Oy, a leading international energy system integrator.


Cramo, a European leader in machine and equipment rentals, made the floor of its maintenance van more resistant to wear and tear thanks to innovative FSP surface treatment. Polyurea, which can withstand extreme conditions, was used as a coating.
In early 2018, Rauman Meriteollisuuskiinteistöt Oy renovated the surfaces of the inner walls of a warehouse in the city’s seaside industrial park. FSP was chosen to carry out the surface treatment work, using polyurea as an extremely durable coating material.
In the spring of 2018, FSP is training twelve new surface treatment professionals in collaboration with Tavastia vocational collage and Uramuuntaja Oy. The aim is to complement existing personnel with new professionals.
FSP has received the largest Finnish bridge project order in company history. From March to October 2018, the final project entails surface treating the 400-metre-long Ounaskoski rail and road bridge in northern Finland. This is one of the most notable investment of the year in Rovaniemi.
In summer 2018, the energy company Helen will start using two massive heat pumps 50 meters below Esplanadi in the Centre of Helsinki. During the construction project FSP was responsible for the surface treatment of the heat pump pipeline.
In the first months of the year, we have made remarkable breakthroughs. I will highlight three of them.
In the past few years FSP has delivered several challenging surface treatment projects both at the Karjaranta surface treatment facility in Pori and at the Satakunta project building sites in western Finland. The projects have involved a wide range of surface treatment and fireproof coatings for the engineering sector.
In the Faces of FSP article series we meet the people working at FSP. They talk about things that are relevant to their job, the entire company and the industry. Our first interviewee is FSP’s CEO, Pentti Virtanen: The company and industry are doing better than in many years, but we must not become complacent.