Since the beginning of April, the Outotec Filters-unit operating in Lappeenranta, Finland, has outsourced their factory’s acid pickling- and painting operations to FSP. The contract covers all of the surface treatment operations of the facility. The Outotec surface treatment professionals transferred to FSP with their current employment conditions.
  During the summer of 2017 FSP will conduct a surface treatment project of the railway bridge over Lontilanjoki in Akaa, Finland. The leader of Finnish infrastructure constructor, Kreate Oy, chose to partner with FSP as the result of the tendering.
For the last ten years, FSP has been part of carrying out fire protection as well as traditional surface treatments in several building projects.


Effective and loss-free production is no longer a competitive factor, but something which makes it possible to “stay in the game”. This is how Juli-Ann Rikkonen, FSP development engineer, describes the general trends of the industry.


The new FSP paint shop in Raahe will be, measured in surface area, the company’s largest and most modern facility in Finland.
This year, FSP conducted a big thermal spraying project in their Pori, Finland, paint shop. The project consisted of 132 steel segments, which were transported into Norway after assembly, to be used as part of the foundations of wind turbine power stations in the North Sea.
Tehomet, the Nordic countries’ largest manufacturer of custom steel and wooden lighting poles and high masts and FSP work in close co-operation in Kangasniemi Finland, where the companies operate under the same roof.  The results of the partnership became visible this year in the lightning poles project in the city of Lahti.