Pintaa Syvemmältä 2-2019
The target of these changes is to develop the operative operations, respond to tightening quality demands both provide wider services and improve profitability by streamline the organization.  
Welcome to read the final issue of For Surface Treatment magazine in 2019. Like before, we will discuss various topical subjects and news about our work.
Neste’s refinery in Kilpilahti, Porvoo is one of Europe’s most versatile refineries. Some of the company’s most important oil products are being made here, as well as renewable diesel. FSP has operated in the Kilpilahti area for decades.
”Painting alone is not enough to survive,” says Surface Treatment Specialist Sami Pappinen, bluntly. His work is centred around quality and developing expert services in surface treatment. “In order to offer our customers high-quality work and consultation in quality-related issues, our own internal quality must be impeccable,” Pappinen adds.
In the last issue we introduced FSP’s Development Manager Rauli Yrjänä. He discussed the possibilities of applying digitalization in different areas of the surface treatment industry. What kinds of development projects are now ongoing at FSP?
The new production line at the FSP Stargard surface treatment facility is now operational. Doubling the capacity of the facility, the line also enables a more diverse offering of logistics and value-added services. “We can now serve our customers better than before and offer them more. Poland has a lot of possibilities to offer and
FSP is expanding its operations in southwestern Finland. We have acquired the surface treatment operations of Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy in a deal, signed on November 27, 2019.


For Surface Protection magazine often includes interviews of various people: FSP’s customers, partners and employees. This time we get to meet FSP itself! Yes, the one in the picture. FSP is personified in the character of Steff. Through this character, we wish to share information and serve you even better – perhaps with a smile.
Pintaa Syvemmältä 2-2019


The purpose of the organisational changes is operational development; responding to tightening quality demands, providing wider range of services and improving our profitability by streamlining our organisation.
FSP’s Development Manager Rauli Yrjänä believes that digital solutions can be put widely to use in the surface treatment industry, From basic paint shop work to creating new business possibilities. It is essential to maintain control over changes that reshape the industry and transform employee roles. Every digital solution must be well advised. It is