FSP Finnish Steel Painting is one of the leading companies in the European industrial surface treatment industry. We employ more than 300 professionals and have a turnover of around €26 million.

We offer industrial surface treatment and related engineering and value-added services. Our service covers the surface treatment process throughout the product’s life cycle. From defining operating conditions to surface treatment, inspections and post-warranty maintenance. We provide turnkey service so our customers can fully focus on their core competency.


We want to be the industry’s most versatile, valued and reliable partner now and in the future.

Our long experience, professional staff and certified management system ensures that the service quality always fulfils the most difficult industry standards. High quality means also cost-effectiveness – the better quality the surface treatment result is, the lower will be the product’s service and maintenance costs.

We are committed to continuously improve our operations and we make sure that our customers expectations are met or even exceeded.

We observe the principles of sustainable development in our operation. We use non-polluting methods, recycle and store items safely.


Our motivated staff are responsible for our high-quality end results. Therefore, we want to invest in our employees’ welbeing and professional development continuously. We pay extra attention to occupational safety, which is not compromised in any working phase.

We have a strong culture and way of working, which we have summed up into three main points: 1. we work smartly, 2. we keep our promises and 3. we take care of our customers.

We work Smartly: We want to operate smartly in everything we do. Our staff have been entrusted with constantly giving new ideas for development and improvement of operations. We also challenge our customers to constantly provide ideas for developing our joint operation.

We keep our Promises: We only promise what we can deliver and we always keep our promises. Quality and security of delivery will remain during the production spikes and in the most challenging project sites.

We take care of Customers: We look at things from the customer’s perspective and things are done according to customer’s needs.



We comply strictly with quality, occupational safety, health and environmental requirements (QHSE). Therefore, our operation has been certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.

The stongest in Finland AA 2020



FSP was founded in Finland in 1964 when Neste Oil Porvoo refinery’s peak construction phase was about to begin. FSP was responsible for the surface treatment process and was the only company in Finland able to do that. Before this, the industrial surface treatment sector didn't actually even exist. It can therefore easily be stated that FSP has created the basis for the industrial surface treatment business in Finland. Over the years FSP has grown into one of the leading companies in Europe.

The present form of FSP emerged in 2001 when three of Finland’s largest companies in the field merged, forming the largest surface treatment company in Finland – FSP Finnish Steel Painting Ltd.

In 2007 FSP started internationalization by establishing a subsidiary FSP Steel Painting OÜ and by opening a surface treatment shop in Saue, Estonia. Two years later the expansion in Estonia continued by opening another surface treatment shop in Jüri.

A year later in 2010 international growth continued into Poland by opening a surface treatment shop in Stargard and by founding a subsidiary called FSP Steel Painting Sp. Z o.o.

In 2012 FSP received its history’s largest project order from Sweden. The order included surface treatment of a total of six bridges. Simultaneously FSP founded For Surface Protection Sverige Filial, a branch company in Sweden.

In 2014 FSP celebrated its 50th anniversary with the course towards growth and internationalization.

In 2016 FSP started operations in Norway whilst aiming to continue growing.

  • 1964  FSP starts operation in Finland
  • 2001  Three of Finland's largest companies in the surface treatment field merged, forming a largest surface treatment company in Finland - FSP Finnish Steel Painting Ltd.
  • 2003  Certified management system
  • 2006  Supplier of the year (ABB Oy)
  • 2007  Subsidiary and first surface treatment shop in Estonia
  • 2009  Second surface treatment shop in Saue, Estonia
  • 2010  Subsidiary and surface treatment shop in Poland
  • 2012  The largest project order from Sweden. FSP establish a branch company and starts active business in Sweden.
  • 2014  FSP 50 years: course towards growth and internationalization
  • 2016  FSP started operation in Norway