This year, FSP has focused its efforts on the development of operations and working methods, and on the well-being of employees. For this reason, I am extremely pleased to say that we have moved forward with new innovations. I will highlight three of them here.

On pages 12–13, we introduce a completely new production simulation program, which enables us to detect the strengths and bottlenecks in surface treatment production processes. The objective is to choose the best of the provided alternatives and optimise production. This year, we have seen a trend emerging, in which orders have come in with a short response time, and projects have consisted of customised short series with a short delivery time.

Now we have an even more reliable way of showing our customers how production could be developed and lead-times reduced. Changes in the industry shift the surface treatment process towards evermore specialised solutions and products. We have a professional staff, extensive experience and strong expertise in the field of surface treatment, and we also have the ability to offer secure document management for more specialised procedures and technologies.

On page 6, we present how we executed an impact resistant polyurea floor for Cramo, and how we utilized ARC coatings on pressure filters at our surface treatment plant in Lappeenranta. On page 7, we share our stealth and camouflage coatings, which we have been doing since the 1970’s in surface treatment plants and at shipyards.

We have been using the TellUs application since 2013 to gather development ideas and safety observations. Our goal is to systematically create a culture in which every employee can make observations and submit suggestions on how FSP could operate in a smarter way and serve our customers even better. This year, we received already over a thousand suggestions. We have implemented most of the ideas, which have benefited both our staff and our customers.

During the upcoming year, we will continue to focus on researching and offering new procedures and technologies. In addition, we will intensify on-the-job learning to maintain even more extensive expertise and to accumulate specialised skills. Consequently, we can secure our customer’s competitiveness in the future, as top players in their fields.

Dear reader, now turn the page and take your time to explore our latest company news and case stories. I want to thank our customers for their faith in our work, and our professional staff for their work in achieving our goals. This year, we, together, have created excellent conditions for working in line with our strategy, also in the future

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas and a successful year 2018.