Cramo, a European leader in machine and equipment rentals, made the floor of its maintenance van more resistant to wear and tear thanks to innovative FSP surface treatment. Polyurea, which can withstand extreme conditions, was used as a coating.

Cramo improved the resistance of wear and tear of the floors of its maintenance vans with the help of FSP’s innovative surface treatment solution.

Cramo Finland Oy maintenance manager Tuomas Niinisalo says the aim was to make the floor waterproof, extremely durable and easy to clean. The work was carried out at FSP’s surface treatment facility in Eerolanmäki, Porvoo, southern Finland in early 2018.

“Our experiences so far have been good. We wanted a heavy-duty and easy-to-clean floor coating, because the van is used to transport chemicals and tools. What’s more, our people throw other heavy spare parts and tools they use on the building site on the floor of the van,” Niinisalo says.

“One option would have been a rubber mat, which would not have withstood heavy usage for long. We would have to change it regularly, which would have increased costs.”

One advantage of polyurea is its elasticity: it maintains its properties without breaking or softening. In addition, the floor is now easy to clean, for example with a power washer. Another advantage is its lightness, meaning it barely adds to the total weight of the van.