Dust-free wet blasting in the middle of Kalasatama in Helsinki

In autumn 2018, FSP provided various wet blasting services to its clients with its mobile equipment. One of the sites was in Kalasatama in Helsinki, close to the shopping centre Redi; the adhesives in an apartment building’s concrete foundation were cleaned with a wet blaster by FSP.

Benefits of the method especially include effectiveness and environmental friendliness because it only causes small amounts of dust. Nearly dust-free method minimises the need to cover the surrounding environment, which saves time and boosts the project’s cost-efficiency. 

In Kalasatama, dust-free wet blasting was vital because there are many people around the apartment buildings using the metro, the bus lines and the Redi shopping centre. Tens of thousands of people visit in Redi every day. It is the largest shopping centre in the Helsinki inner city, the fifth largest in the Helsinki metropolitan area, and the seventh largest in all of Finland. 

Wet blasting is also suitable for areas with a danger of explosion because it does not create sparks. In addition to concrete, wet blasting can also be used on steel and on stone surfaces.