Ethical Channel

FSP values ​​transparency and openness. We want to build a foundation of trust and confidence. FSP has an ethical channel in place to allow employees and other stakeholders to report any instances of violation of our values ​​and ethical principles.

FSP’s ethical channel is managed by an independent service provider. The Ethical Channel is a confidential means by which FSP’s employees and parties with whom FSP has a business relationship may report any unethical and / or illegal or unhealthy conduct in FSP’s own operations or that of its partners.

FSP’s employees can also contact their own supervisor or the Legal Department. All allegations made in good faith regarding an alleged violation of the Code of Conduct will be investigated impartially. FSP is responsible for ensuring that employees do not suffer any unfavorable work-related sanctions as a result of reporting an infringement. The identity of the reporter will be treated confidentially, respecting the level of anonymity chosen by the person.

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We want to do the right thing

FSP wishes to act according to its values in an open and transparent manner and therefore maintain an ethical channel (whistleblowing) with which FSP’s employees and stakeholders may confidentially report incidents regarding potential illegal activities or other activities that go against FSP’s values and ethical principles.

Our Whistleblowing service

The channel is meant for all who have seen, know of or suspect possible illegal activity or an activity that goes against FSP’s ethical guidelines in any of the companies that belong to the FSP.

You can also report any activity that goes against the Market abuse regulation (MAR), the Finnish Securities Market Act and any official guidelines and other regulations related to them through this channel.

This ethical channel is operated and managed by an independent service provider BDO Oy (BDO). The service is offered in Finland, where Finnish legislation is also applied to it.

The technical implementation and maintenance of the reporting channel is the responsibility of our independent partner, WhistleB, Whistleblowing Centre.

How can I use the Whistleblowing service?

We encourage you to share your concerns as specifically as possible. This will help to investigate and resolve the issue, and to do this in the most efficient manner.

All reports made concerning a suspected violation of the ethical guidelines will be handled confidentially and investigated in a non-partisan manner as described below.

Your report will be handled securely

FSP and BDO guarantee that the identity of the person making a report will be protected and everything will be handled confidentially. The reporting process is encrypted and password-protected. FSP and BDO guarantee that all communications via the Ethical channel will stay within the chosen level of anonymity and will be confidential unless otherwise agreed.

BDO and FSP do not collect any digital footprints regarding the use of the site.

How the reports are handled

FSP ensures that its employers do not encounter any negative consequences regarding their employment relationship due to filing a report.

All reports received via the ethical channel will be handled in the following manner to protect the person filing the report, and to ensure a non-partisan investigation:

  • BDO registers all reports
  • BDO assesses the severity and the credibility of the report
  • BDO makes a recommended plan of action and issues it with the report to FSP’s CEO, leading legal counsel and inspection committee’s chairman. No-one will receive or handle a report concerning themselves.
  • The report is anonymized if requested by the person who filed it.
  • FSP’s leading legal counsel determines the actions to be taken.
  • All reports are handled according to their severity. Some reports may be solved without a formal investigation. The investigation will be handed over to officials as needed, and always when the law requires to do so. FSP can seek assistance from an external party or from BDO to investigate the incident.
  • Any reports received via the channel will be kept for as long as the law requires and/or permits. After that, all personal information in the reports will be anonymized and/or deleted.

How do I submit an anonymous message?

Your message is submitted easily and securely by following the instructions in the form. After having sent your message you will receive an ID and a password on the screen. Save these in a secure manner. You will remain anonymous throughout this dialogue.

Within 10 calendar days, we may post a response or follow-up question for you.

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