Invoicing addresses

Invoicing addresses

We wish to receive invoices primarily as e-invoices. We don’t handle paper invoices. Each invoice must include an 11-digit purchase order number (PO101xxxxxx) provided by FSP.

Other mail should be sent directly to the branch or head office.


Personal emails:


FSP For Surface Protection Finland Oy

Business ID: 3363176-5

Primary Invoicing Address:
E-invoice address: 003733631765
Operator: If you are unable to send e-invoices, please send the invoice as a PDF file to the email address provided below.

Please note that we do not process paper invoices.


FSP Steel Painting OÜ

Business ID: 11272463
VAT number: EE101095435

Invoicing address:


FSP Steel Painting Sp. Z o.o

Business ID: KRS 0000360717
VAT number: PL5213573188

Invoicing address: