Procurement Manager of Patria Jarno Kämäräinen: “FSP’s resiliense is first class”

Patria is an international provider of defence, security and aviation life cycle support services, pilot training and technology solutions. Patria is owned by Finnish government (50,1%) and Norwegian Kongsberg defence & aerospace as (49,9%). Patria employs over 3000 professionals. According to Patria’s procurement manager Jarno Kämäräinen the collaboration between patria and FSP has been smooth […]

FSP’s AIVOT-application offers added value services for a large audience

Good news was heard from FSP’s Raisio unit last February 2021. The pilot of AIVOT – application had been successful. Just as FSP’s development director, Rauli Yrjänä, had intended. The AIVOT- application is an important factor in FSP’s ecological surface treatment strategy, and it is also a vital tool for production optimisation and analysing.

Automation is reshaping the surface treatment industry

Hiab’s and FSP’s new paint shop, utilizing IoT solutions, is ready to meet the high growth expectations, considering sustainable development. Automation is reshaping the surface treatment industry and benefiting customers, giving them valuable and accurate information about the surface treatment process.

Important traffic routes and landmarks worth repairing

Bridges are important traffic routes and landmarks that need regular maintenance in order to remain safe to use. As Finland’s bridge infrastructure is aging, the need for extensive renovations has increased. But how have the ways in which bridges are renovated changed over time? In what kinds of projects has FSP been involved? The renovation […]

Renovating the Opastinsilita Bridge’s metal structure in Pasila

The pasila station area in Helsinki is known as a busy spot: there is tram and car traffic as well as pedestrian traffic to trains, the mall of Tripla and the Pasila office centre to name a few locations. In such a place, executing a complete repair of a bridge is no simple task. Despite […]

Cooperation and joint investment – FSP is a strategic business partner for Hiab in Raisio

Hiab’s Raisio factory is focused on the surface treatment and assembly of hooklifts. The company cooperates closely with FSP in both everyday operations and development. The factory is expecting significant growth, which is why Hiab and FSP are together investing in a new paint shop. Factory director Esa Korolainen discusses the operations and future expectations […]