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Are you interested in the surface treatment industry?  That’s great!  And are you someone who gets things done and is always ready to learn new things?  Even better! You may well be the person we are looking for!

Personnel is the most important resource in FSP’s strategy

By far the most important resource, competitive advantage and growth factor of our business is our skilled and motivated team that is committed to the values and operating procedures of the workplace. As experts in their own field, they know best what works and what does not. We value insights gained in everyday operations and […]

HR Director Mari Rajakallio: FSP’s professionals make me proud

This past year has been an exceptional time for us all, but FSP’s HR director Mari Rajakallio still maintains a positive outlook. FSP’s employees are flexible professionals who are able to cope with their good attitude and diverse knowhow. Rajakallio’s own work is focused on the issues of work ability and continuous learning. She is […]

From work to home in good health

Musculoskeletal ailments are common in surface treatment work. FSP has actively started tackling and preventing them, together with our occupational health service, with positive outcomes. Absences related to musculoskeletal problems have decreased, and good experiences have emerged for example from the direct reception of an occupational physiotherapist.