Important traffic routes and landmarks worth repairing

Bridges are important traffic routes and landmarks that need regular maintenance in order to remain safe to use. As Finland’s bridge infrastructure is aging, the need for extensive renovations has increased. But how have the ways in which bridges are renovated changed over time? In what kinds of projects has FSP been involved? The renovation […]

Renovating the Opastinsilita Bridge’s metal structure in Pasila

The pasila station area in Helsinki is known as a busy spot: there is tram and car traffic as well as pedestrian traffic to trains, the mall of Tripla and the Pasila office centre to name a few locations. In such a place, executing a complete repair of a bridge is no simple task. Despite […]

Floor coating and maintenance painting for Oulu Energia

The cooperation between FSP and Oulu Energia started a year ago with floor coating, and continued with maintenance painting of conveyor floor supports. Jani Orava, work planner for mechanical maintenance at Oulu Energia, thanks FSP for both cooperation and independency,

Fresh shine for silos

The Finnish family-owned chemical industry company Kiilto operates in four business areas: construction, industrial adhesive and hygiene solutions, professional cleaning and hygiene, and consumer products. Many car travellers recognize the Kiilto silos on Tampere motorway in Lempäälä.

Redi’s Majakka is hard as steel

Majakka, part of the REDI complex being built in Helsinki’s Kalasatama district, will be a 134-metre high landmark. Once completed, Majakka will be Finland’s tallest residential building, first of the eight new tower buildings planned in Kalasatama.

New paint cover for Ounaskoski Bridge on schedule

Rovaniemi’s Ounaskoski railway and road bridge in northern Finland was opened again for traffic in the beginning of November, after a major renovation that lasted over a year. The nearly 70-year-old bridge received a whole new paint cover, new railings and lighting, the car lane a new asphalt and much more space for cyclists.