Automation is reshaping the surface treatment industry

Hiab’s and FSP’s new paint shop, utilizing IoT solutions, is ready to meet the high growth expectations, considering sustainable development. Automation is reshaping the surface treatment industry and benefiting customers, giving them valuable and accurate information about the surface treatment process.

Part of Cargotec group, Hiab is the global leader in on-road load handling equipment as well as smart services and digital solutions. Hiab’s Raisio factory is responsible for the assembly of Multilift-branded hooklifts and skiploaders. FSP’s role is to provide surface treatment for the machines.

Hiab has two surface treatment facilities in Raisio, operated by FSP. The two companies have cooperated closely for years, for the benefit of both. An automated paint shop, completed in 2020, is the latest joint investment for FSP and Hiab.

In the automated paint shop, the surface treatment process is built on a modern, logic controlled data system. No separate order process is required for surface treatment work phases, because FSP is integrated into Hiab’s internal production management system.

Hiab owns the properties of the new paint shop while FSP owns all production equipment, also bearing responsibility for their operation and maintenance. Thanks to the new surface treatment facility, the surface treatment capacity in Raisio has doubled.

The Raisio paint shop, utilizing IoT solutions, is part of FSP’s pilot project.

– As far as we know, IoT solutions are not utilized to this extent in any other surface treatment facility in Finland, says COO Juha Granholm, who manages FSP’s operative production organization in Finland.

Automation allows the acquisition of real-time data from the coating line, helping to ensure high product quality and enabling the development of new surface treatment solutions. First and foremost, automation is beneficial for the customer who receives valuable and accurate information on the surface treatment process.

The new surface treatment facility has two coating chambers. The new coating line allows the treatment of large workpieces with the maximum length of 6.5 metres, width 0.9 metres and height 2.5 metres. The paint shop has plenty of capacity to serve other businesses as well.


Hiab believes that the cargo handling market is developing strongly and expects to see growth in the industry. The new investment is planned to respond to the large growth projections. As the Raisio factory is expected to as much as double its volumes, FSP is also prepared to increase its surface treatment capacity.

– FSP’s strength is its ability to integrate into the client’s operating environment, adhering to the special requirements of different industries and companies, and adapting its own operations to match them, says Esa Korolainen, Director of Operations at the Hiab factory, satisfied.

Besides growth, the operations of both companies are guided by sustainable development. They have joined forces in for example cutting down VOC emissions by comparing various coating systems and seeking new alternatives. Hiab’s equipment are used in very demanding operating environments, which requires continuous development of the quality and durability of the coated surface.

– For us, FSP is more than just a surface treatment contractor. They are a strategic partner in developing our business, Esa Korolainen sums up.