ARC coating for Outotec pressure filters in Lappeenranta

During this fall, FSP Finland’s Lappeenranta surface treatment plant has performed several ARC coating projects for the Filters unit of Outotec. The targets have been pressure filters Outotec exports for the mining and chemical industries. The total weight of the coated parts goes up to as much as 60 tons.

Mikko Tykkyläinen, Production Manager of Outotec’s Filters unit, is satisfied with the ARC coating work. The surface treatment project became more demanding by the chamber structure and the size and weight of individual parts.

“FSP is a good and flexible partner. The top-quality results have met our customers’ expectations for our product quality. Co-operation has been smooth, as our production facilities are located in the same place.”

“Pressure filters used in the mining industry and the processes of the chemical industry face extreme wear and tear, a high risk of corrosion, and acid spillage and liquids, which is why they need an ARC coating,” explains Tykkyläinen.

In his view, an ARC coating’s best features are a durable surface that is resistant to e.g. sulphuric acid, and impact resistance, which means that the coating is not easily damaged. In addition, the coating is highly adhesive and offers a long lifespan, which extends the maintenance intervals.

“In the future, we want to improve and develop our co-operation with FSP at the Lappeenranta surface treatment plant. We appreciate FSP’s surface treatment expertise and flexibility.”

An ARC coating is also a safe and environmentally friendly solution. The majority of the coatings are completely solvent-free, so they do not cause any harmful VOC emissions.