Polyurea coating

Fast durability Polyurea coating provides a surface that is very durable against chemical and mechanical stress. The coating has a strong abrasion and scratch resistance. A finished polyurea coating surface can be achieved by a one layer coating system. Polyurea coating is cured extremely fast and this subsequently contributes to their high resistance of humidity. Polyurea […]

Polyurea makes an extremely durable tank roof in Kilpilahti

During fall 2018, FSP completed a project where the roof of a sour water tank received a surface treatment at the Kilpilahti refinery in Southern Finland. The used coating was an extremely durable polyurea.

Polyurea reinforces thickening pools at the Terrafame production plant

The rapidly growing multi-metal company Terrafame produces nickel, zinc, cobalt, and copper for international markets. For a few years now, it has utilized FSP’s versatile surface treatment expertise at the Sotkamo mine metal plant in northern Finland.

Polyurea – A strong insulator for the walls of Rauma’s Seaside Industry Park

In early 2018, Rauman Meriteollisuuskiinteistöt Oy renovated the surfaces of the inner walls of a warehouse in the city’s seaside industrial park. FSP was chosen to carry out the surface treatment work, using polyurea as an extremely durable coating material.

Extra resistance polyurea for Cramo

In the fall of 2017, Europe’s leading equipment rental provider Cramo wanted to improve the impact resistant of concrete floors in the company’s central workshop in Tuusula. Cramo Finland chose FSP as the contractor, who recommended coating the floor with highly durable polyurea. So far, Cramo Finland Oy’s Service Manager Tuomas Niinisalo has been pleased […]


Automotive and Defence industry Hiab Hiab’s Raisio factory is focused on the surface treatment and assembly of hooklifts. The company cooperates closely with FSP in both everyday operations and development. Read more ⟶ Patria Patria is an international provider of defence, security and aviation life cycle support services, pilot training and technology solutions. Procurement manager […]

Special coatings

Appearance and durability Special coatings include various effect coatings, wood imitations, metallic coatings, fire proofing and other coatings. Special coatings provide specific properties such as visuality, strength, friction and durability against mechanical or chemical stress. A coating methods that deviates from traditional 1 or 2 component industrial coating  is considered as special coating. Special coatings […]

Thermal spray coating

Metallic coating method Thermal spray coating is traditionally not considered as painting but as a specific method for surface treatment that results in a surface that has a metallic coating. The application method consists of spreading metallic substance of +800–1000 degrees centigrade on the substrate. The metallic substance consists usually of zink or aluminium. This procedure […]

Fire proofing

Fire safety with coating Surface treatment that includes fireproofing is performed by spraying fire retardant treatment to the substrate. The fireproofing spray method is also known as passive fireproofing. Passive fireproofing is a sufficient way of preventing the fire from spreading. The application method of fireproof treatment is similar to wet coating. Surface treatment fireproofing […]

Floor coating

Extreme durability Floor coating is generally performed with epoxy, polyurethane or polyurea coating. The coating is applied with a spatula, roller or by spraying a thick layer of coating to cover the floor. The finished result is a very durable and easy to maintain surface regardless the material of the floor. Coating is a suitable method […]